Poetry Friday: HSA Anthology

Thanks to Carol at Beyond Literacy for hosting Poetry Friday.

This arrived in the mail this week.

As part of the Haiku Society of America (HSA), members are invited to submit a haiku for the annual haiku anthology.

This is the haiku selected for this edition.

I wrote it when I was in Santa Fe this spring.

I’m in good company, Robyn Hood Black and Amy Losak also have haiku in the anthologies.

Tuesday is October 1 and the beginning of Poemtober 2019. Last year, I tried my hand at this and plan to write this October. Rebecca at Sloth Reads did the challenge in 2018. Will you join me?

Details for Poemtober 19: Using the daily prompts for Inktober, write a poem each day. As I frequently do, I jumped in and wrote poems last year, having no clue that the poem should match the Inktober prompt. Here is this year’s prompts:

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14 Responses to Poetry Friday: HSA Anthology

  1. Michelle Heidenrich Barnes says:

    That’s a wonderful haiku, Jone. Good luck with your Poemtober challenge!

  2. Kay Mcgriff says:

    Congratulations! Your haiku is lovely. And I may have to jump in for Poemtober. It sounds like fun. thanks for sharing the details.

  3. Your haiku is lovely. Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations, Jone–love those long rooftop raven shadows, and also the venn diagram of the haiku above yours. I have snipped and saved the InkTober prompts–I’m ready for a challenge like that and excited by these words! Thanks for sharing!

  5. lindabaie says:

    I’m going to be gone some of October, Jone, wish I could join in. Perhaps for some of the days? Congratulations on your haiku in the anthology. It’s lovely.

  6. cvarsalona says:

    Congratulations on having a wonderful descriptive poem in the haiku anthology. Thanks for sharing the information about Inktober and Poemtober. Can you please send us links on Twitter and tag me into your tweets? I would like to follow yours.

  7. margaretsmn says:

    Congrats for having a poem in the haiku anthology. I really should take your challenge because I haven’t been writing poetry much since school started. May just be the impetus I need. How will you be sharing?

  8. Tabatha says:

    I love your haiku, Jone! Such a striking image. Thanks for the Poemtober info!

  9. Thanks for sharing your page from HSA’s Anthology. I like the sense of anticipation in your haiku via the “lengthening shadows.” Serendipitously, I was thinking about raven’s and shadows today in art images I’ve done. When I do Inktober I usually write haikus or short poems. I’ll probably do some–not sure if I’ll follow all the prompts, we’ll see.

  10. Linda Mitchell says:

    How beautiful! Many congratulations. Poemtober? I’ve not heard of such a thing. However, I will join you. Sometimes I cheat with haiku 😉 Which I know isn’t cheating….but it feels like it is to me.

  11. mbhmaine says:

    Congratulations on your inclusion in the HSA Anthology. Do you have more details about Poemtober 2019? I’m intrigued!

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