Poetry Friday: #poemtober and #inktober

Thanks to Catherine at Reading to the Core for hosting all the poetry goodness in the world on this Friday.

I have been participating for the first time in the #inktober2019. Last year I dabbled in the #poemtober (this year I am working to be very consistent).
Yesterday I was traveling so I missed doing the prompt although it rolled around in my mind.

Here are the prompts for yesterday and today.
Day 10: pattern

sea’s perfect pattern
the conch shell
ocean in my ear

©jone rush macculloch

surprise autumn storm
the branches laden with snow
dinner by candle

©jone rush macculloch

The Spokane, WA area was hidden with a rare snowstorm this week.

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12 Responses to Poetry Friday: #poemtober and #inktober

  1. Very nice, and I like your ink drawings they work well together with the poems Jone! Fun putting them on the back of a library card too.

  2. These are coming out very nicely. I keep missing them on whatever platform you’re posting on…tag me please! Astonishing that you had snow already!

  3. Kay Mcgriff says:

    I’ve been enjoying your Inktober/Poemtober contributions each day. I’m looking forward to the rest of the month!

  4. Love your inktober pairings, Jone.

  5. mbhmaine says:

    Oh, I’m impressed that you’re both drawing and writing! I love your sea-inspired take on “pattern”–that one has me totally stumped!

  6. Michelle Heidenrich Barnes says:

    Very nice, Jone! I’ll be adding “drawing” to my mental list of your artistic talents. The pairing of your haiku with sketches is lovely.

  7. These are lovely, Jone. I especially love “sea’s perfect pattern.” Sorry about the snow. I am definitely not ready for that! Thanks for sharing!

  8. lindabaie says:

    We had snow, too, and broke cold records, but today was warmer & then back in the sixties. I love your sketches and poems, Jone, happy you included that conch, part of the wonderful ocean.

  9. Linda Mitchell says:

    I love your sketches! Are they on a tablet of some sort? I admire you working on consistency. I’m not hitting the mark so much this month…and my instagram is not showing my work the way I want it to. Sigh. Dinner by candle light sounds absolutely lovely.

  10. jama says:

    Lovely, Jone!

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