Poetry Friday: #DecemberHaiku


All the poetry goodness is happening at Buffy’s Blog. Thank you, Buffy. Yesterday, I met a former student for coffee. While waiting for her, I was able to draft some haiku for this week. I am sharing them today.


moonlit night
reindeer pull a sleigh
hear the bells


form on the tent
outdoor still


remembering him
placing each
tinsel strand on the tree


wrapping presents
in yesterday’s paper


If you signed up for the New Year Postcard Exchange, I will be sending out lists this weekend. We had about 15 sign up.

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12 Responses to Poetry Friday: #DecemberHaiku

  1. I’ve been having fun writing and reading our haiku this month. My resolution for 2020 is to let go of 5-7-5 and stitch with what sounds/feels right. Excited for our New Year’s swap. Thanks for organizing. Cheers! — Christie

  2. Joyce Ray says:

    Jone, the icicles haiku really speaks to me, and I’m sure to others, too. If we write enough #haiku for justice, can we change the world? Light and peace to you this season.

  3. maryleehahn says:

    Good to remember…today’s history is tomorrow’s wrapping paper. Life moves on relentlessly!

  4. haitiruth says:

    I like the determined camper, not deterred by icicles! Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com

  5. Diane Mayr says:

    I’m partial to your tent haiku, Jone. I mentioned icicles to my 3-year-old grandson this week, and he had no idea what the word connoted! He thought I was talking about popsicles. I did an image search and the pictures brought understanding. It always amazes me how much we learn through experience, rather than language.

  6. mbhmaine says:

    In your first haiku, the final line “hear the bells” really speaks to me. Maybe it’s the lingering magic of hearing the bell ring in “The Polar Express.” Happy holidays!!

  7. kareneastlund4898 says:

    The tinsel really brings me back to childhood memories. My sister Virginia was adamant about putting it on strand by strand. I did not have the patience… so your haiku is a challenge to me. Maybe next year… Thanks so much for your post, and happy holidays.

  8. Tara Smith says:

    Hanging Christmas ornaments brings back memories for sure. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Jone!

  9. Lovely, Jone. I can hear the bells in the first one. And for years I wrapped presents in newspapers (usually the funny pages.)

  10. Linda KulpTrout says:

    These are all wonderful, Jone. Having lost a loved one this past summer, this one especially spoke to my heart:
    remembering him
    placing each
    tinsel strand on the tree

    Wishing you a joyous holiday and a happy, healthy new year!

  11. cvarsalona says:

    I especially like the last haiku, Jone. Happy Holidays!

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