2020 NPM: Food, Family, Feasts

For National Poetry Month, I am sharing food poems about my family.

March 27: Thinking About National Poetry Month: When You Speak of Love
April 1: Maybe the Universe
April 2: My Dear Mother and Another Poem
April 3: (Choose Your Own) Progressive Poem
April 4: How to Survive Fridays during Lent
April 5: Sunday Redux April Fool’s Surprise
April 6: German Pancake
April 7: The Ricer
April 8: See’s Candy
April 9: Easy Nachos
April 10: Plant Cabbage
April 11: Tasty Beets
April 12: SundayRedux: Cucumber Ends
April 13:Xocalotophobia
April 14:Uisge-Beatha
April 15:Summer’s Simple Supper
April 16:Lemony Velvet
April 17: Sourdough
April 18: Grandmother’s Apron
April 19: Sunday Redux Utopia Bagels
April 20: Holiday Treats
April 21:Sicilian Pie
April 22:Earth Day, 50 Years
April 23: Crannachan
April 24:Poetry Friday: Spaghetti
April 25:
April 26: Sunday Redux: Vanilla
April 27:
April 28:
April 29:
April 30: