Slice of Life 2020: My 2020 OLW

After a hiatus from A Slice of Life, I am returning to this weekly community.  I appreciate that this community exists, especially tonight.  The world is tilted and off-kilter and I keep saying the word peace.  It’s not my #OLW2020 but we need it more than ever for sure.

My #OLW has been brewing under my words for the last seven years:

2013: Mindful
2014: Believe
2015: Open
2016: Focus
2017: Hope
2018: Seek
2019: Imagine

I’m also participating in #100dysofnotebooking on Facebook.  I have been very intentional in not booking since January 5.

This is my page I am currently working on.  And the first quote is particularly meaningful in light of today’s world news:
“We cannot cure the world of sorrows but we can live in joy.” ~Joseph Campbell.

Tonight, following the post, I will continue to work on the page.  Looking and finding joy in the simple.



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2 Responses to Slice of Life 2020: My 2020 OLW

  1. I like your participation and choice of words, previous to this year and including now. Joy is a great word that we do need to concentration on more often. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that you have chosen joy as your OLW for 2020. We all certainly need more of it in every aspect of our lives.

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