Poetry Friday: Postcards, Hosting, and a Giveaway

Welcome, come in and linger with poetry.

A couple more poetry postcards arrived this week. One to celebrate the Chinese New Year and one to encourage snow.

first morning
tiny footprints through
the glitter
~diane mayr
For snow to fall

Not a lot
just enough

Enough for squeals of joy
A school delay
An afternoon of snowshoeing
Playground fun
Easy cardinal spotting
Animal tracks

Not enough for a sore back
A snow day
Dangerous driving
Indoor recess
A shorter summer

Just enough
Not a lot

For snow to fall
~christie wyman

I’m waiting for that perfect snow day as well.

squirrel snacks
on bird leftovers
leaves nothing

~jone rush macculloch

Portland author and illustrator, Johanna Wright, came out with a journal in January, THE MAGIC of MINDSET. Need a journal for inspiration? I am giving one away to support her work. Here’s a peek into her book.

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39 Responses to Poetry Friday: Postcards, Hosting, and a Giveaway

  1. Joyce Ray says:

    Jone, I love seeing this batch of postcards and poems and the ones in your earlier post. Too many commitments kept me from participating this time, but reading them in my inbox is the next best thing. Thanks for sharing your journal, too, and your generosity. Good inspiration for everyone!

  2. I’m taking a break from snow & enjoying some warm-enough-for-long-walks weather, but I do recognize the perfect snow day wishes. Those squirrels sure can eat, can’t they? It’s a good thing they’re so cute!

  3. Ramona says:

    Arriving late to the party, blogger and I faced off last night and I surrendered! But never fear, I arose early this morning and conquered. Can I just join everyone else in saying how lovely it is to see the poetry postcards? Grandson started the new year saying it would snow on his birthday. We reminded him of the snow we had earlier in the month. His reply: “I’m good with that.” Hoping that teachers wanting a snow day will get one soon. Jone, our squirrels could take lessons from yours. We’re constantly sweeping up after them.

  4. Susan Bruck says:

    Thanks for sharing so much loveliness–and for hosting, too. I love the poems and postcards, and the journal looks wonderful! I wouldn’t mind some more snow. It looks like we might get some Monday or Tuesday. But in the meantime, this weekend it’s supposed to get into the 60s. I’m looking forward to that, too.

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  7. A snow day would be very welcome right now! Thank you for hosting today, Jone, and for sharing these wonderful poems and that mindset journal. I love the illustrations!

  8. Linda KulpTrout says:

    I enjoyed reading all of the poems, and the journal is beautiful! Thank you for sharing these!

  9. My mail today was all sales flyers and credit card offers, so huzzah! for postcards with poetry on them instead. Thank you for sharing your haul with us…so lovely. As is that journal! Thank you for hosting…and all that you do to help poetry flourish.

  10. Kay Mcgriff says:

    It was such a delight to receive these postcards this week–and I love seeing them again. That is a beautiful journal. Thank you, thank you, thank you–for hosting today, for organizing the postcard exchange, and for your generous giveaway.

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  12. rosecappelli says:

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful poems and journal. Have a wonderful Friday!

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  14. Jone, thank you for this beautiful post! I LOVE Johanna’s work and NEED this journal. I’m delighted that Johanna is the illustrator for my poetry collection forthcoming this September from Wordsong… THIS POEM IS A NEST. The cover is gorgeous, and Johanna’s got pen/ink section headings and spot art throughout. I can’t wait to see the finished project! Thanks for supporting her work — and for the gazillion other ways you bring yourself to the world and also nurture our community. xo

  15. I’ve enjoyed Johanna’s picture books for years. Her journal looks intriguing. I love a good journal!

  16. margaretsmn says:

    The postcard exchange is such a fun way to start the year. Your friend’s journal looks too beautiful to write in. I think it will make a nice gift for writerly friends. Thanks for hosting today.

  17. Oh, those postcards! What a way to make the mail more fun! Thanks for sharing, and for hosting today!

  18. mbhmaine says:

    Jone, thanks so much for organizing the postcard exchange and for sharing these two beauties here. I’ve so enjoyed receiving mine (somehow I feel like I cheated since I only sent 5 but received many more than that!) How nice of you to offer a give-away as well! I’ll be back later to link up my post. Thanks for hosting this week!

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  22. bevbaird says:

    What lovely poetry postcards! And what a gorgeous journal.Wonderful geveaway

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  24. cvarsalona says:

    Jone, once again thanks for creating and sustaining the Poetry Postcard Exchange. It is a wonderful experience getting mail filled with poetry goodness on a cold January day. Thank you for hosting Poetry Friday today and offer a giveaway. You little squirrel seems to be enjoying your bird feeder treats.

    • cvarsalona says:

      Typo in last sentence-meant to write “your”. Quick NOTE: I am traveling to Virginia to help out my daughter with our new granddaughter, Aurora, who is up to 7 pounds now. I will make my rounds when I can squeeze in time.

  25. jama says:

    Lovely poems and postcards! We didn’t have our usual January snowfall here in Virginia, so Christie’s wishing poem is perfect. Love Johanna’s journal too. Thanks so much for hosting this week.

  26. janicescully says:

    Love the postcards. Diane’s sweet mouse. So fun that you are giving away that nice journal! I wrote a story once about a squirrel and bird that made friends at a bird feeder. I liked the idea.

  27. Tabatha says:

    Enjoyed all the postcards-pictures-poems-peeks you shared today.
    My post is a poem I wrote about my pets, inspired by The Crafty Poet workbook.
    Thanks for hosting!

  28. Michelle Heidenrich Barnes says:

    Hi Jone! So lovely to come and feel welcome here after my PF hiatus. 🙂 The post cards, poems, and journal are all beautiful! (The squirrel looks well fed. LOL)

  29. Rebecca Herzog says:

    I love the plump little squirrel. Squirrels are my daughter’s favorite animal, so I will be sure to share. the journal looks beautiful! Thanks for hosting, Jone.

  30. lindabaie says:

    The journal looks wonderful, Jone. How nice to give one away! We won’t have a snowday here in Denver, but it is snowing, seems like we’ll have some moisture at last! The postcards are a delight this year. I shared some of the same ones today, too, and a new postcard poem of my own. Thanks for hosting!

  31. Karen Edmisten says:

    What a lovely Friday collection! And Johannah Wright’s journal looks beautiful!

  32. Love getting these Winter postcards, they are little treasures in the mail… That looks like a pretty happy squirrel, and healthy too. Lovely journal–how enchanting… Thanks for hosting the Roundup this week Jone!

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  34. maryleehahn says:

    Thanks for hosting! I love Diane’s New Year poem! I’m with Christie, waiting and hoping for a snow day!

  35. What wonderful poetry postcards–thank you for sharing them. And that journal is gorgeous! Crossing my fingers (and may have to just order it for myself even if I don’t win–ha!). Thanks for hosting, Jone :>)

  36. laurashovan222 says:

    Hi, Jone. Thank you for sharing these delights. Isn’t Diane’s art/haiku wonderful? So small and mouselike. I love the splash of glitter.

    I’ve been collaborating with my poet/artist friend Michael. He sends me monster doodles, I write poems about them. We’re having a good, silly time.

  37. Linda Mitchell says:

    What a beautiful journal! I love it. And, what a great idea — create a journal. Hmmmmm. ideas…ideas. Thanks for hosting! I’ll join you in hoping for snow.

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