SOL2020 5/52: More Notebooking

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing space for writers each week. 

Today’s page for #100daysofnotbooking began on Saturday. I was north of Seattle visiting a friend for my birthday and her daughter’s bday(we share the same day).

On Friday we drove to Bellingham, WA. It was a quick trip as the weather was miserable. In the evening, we celebrated birthdays and painted signs. As we drove back to her house, the roads were eerily dark.

No Electricty! Road block! (and not the game). My friend put in quite the generator which gave us electricity for 12 hours. Thus my pages were started. It took me until today to finish.

And that’s okay. This project is teaching me it’s okay if I don’t get to it everyday. I am enough. I don’t have to make up pages I miss. I do like taking the time to create and this is a way for me to work.

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