SOLSC2020 Days 4&5/31: #AWP and The Alamo

Thanks to 
Two Writing Teachers 
for providing space and March challenge
for writers. 

I missed yesterday. I was tired and fell asleep. Today was the first full day of #AWP Conference.

Last year the conference was in Portland and there were about 6000 in attendance.

This year? Not so much. The Coronavirus scare caused many presenters to cancel. And many vendors were a no shows. In some ways, walking around the vendors with space was refreshing.

One of the sessions was actually cancelled but no one knew it. It was a tribute to a poet who had passed away. What was cool was people in the audience came to the mic and shared a poem by the poet or inspired by the poet. so moving.

After the second session, I was able to walk to The Alamo. Honestly, I really didn’t know much was about the history. Fascinating.

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3 Responses to SOLSC2020 Days 4&5/31: #AWP and The Alamo

  1. Ramona says:

    Okay, Jone, I really wanted to comment on your Poetry Friday post, but I couldn’t find the comment button. First, I want to attend the session! I’m met everyone presenting except Susan Blackaby. I love her Nest, Nook, and Cranny. And your poem!! These words are so delicious –
    “between bites, poetry spills

    onto plates

    for later”
    Keep writing and delighting me dear friend! And do let me know if you do something with Susan in the the NW. I would love to attend. Your notebook pages make me wish I could draw!

  2. mbhmaine says:

    I found it so moving that people chose to honor the poet in the cancelled session anyway by sharing poems. What a lovely tribute!

  3. Pia Alliende says:

    I like your combination of type and handwriting. It´s weird how a virus can change our behaviors from one day to the other. Maybe that´s its most powerful spread.

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