SOLSC2020 6/31: Poetry Friday

Thanks to 
Two Writing Teachers 
for providing space and March challenge
for writer
Thanks to Rebecca at Sloth Reads for hosting all the Poetry Friday goodness.

I met with my panel: Janet Wong, Sylvia Vardell, and Susan Blackaby this morning to finalize our presentation for #AWP2020. Janet always knows the great hideaway places to eat. NOLA didn’t disappoint. I’ve been listening to mockingbirds (Texas State Bird) and grackles all week.


day begins

sleepy blue house

warm beignets

and coffee,

fried green tomatoes, a side

of praline bacon

between bites, poetry spills

onto plates

for later

northern mockingbirds

sing in trees

by jone rush macculloch (draft, 2020)

Would you like a hand crafted student poem for National Poetry Month? Sign up below.

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