National Poetry Month 20/30: Holiday Treats

This National Poetry Month(NPM), I am writing and sharing original poems about food, family and feasts. Sundays will be a day to reshare a poem from the past. A list of links to previous poems is HERE.

Since college days, I have been the queen of holiday cookies. I love baking them and handing them out. Dad was dismayed one year when I baked dozens and gave most away. I did save a couple dozen for him. Chocolate crinkles are one of my favorites. The sesame S cookies are from my mother-in-law’s recipe box. They are meant to eat with coffee.

Chocolate Crinkles and Sesame S Cookies

Holiday Treats

in decorative tins
family goodies
chocolate crinkles
cocoa mounds
family goodies
sesame S cookies
family goodies
in decorative tins

©jone rush macculloch (2020, draft)

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2 Responses to National Poetry Month 20/30: Holiday Treats

  1. Ramona says:

    Love the repetition of family goodies and your remembrance of a beautiful tradition. I’m a baker who loves to share too. Yesterday I made monster cookies and am planning to mail them to family and friends.

  2. Kay Mcgriff says:

    Yum! The chocolate crinkles look like the ones we’ve made. My daughter also likes to bake and give away goodies at any holiday.

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