National Poetry Month 26/30: Sunday Redux: Vanilla

This National Poetry Month(NPM), I am writing and sharing original poems about food, family and feasts. Sundays will be a day to reshare a poem from the past. A list of links to previous poems is HERE.

This is from my 2015 National Poetry Month writings.

Definition: a dark substance that is made from the beans of a tropical plant and that is used to flavor food. Vanilla is from a type of orchid grown in Mexico.

What Does Vanilla Know?

It feels the roughness of the farmers’ hands as they pick the pods.
It feels the heat from the tropical sun.
It anticipates the curing process.
What does vanilla know?
It knows the history of the Aztecs.
It smells of delicacy and calmness
It blackens as it sweats.

© 2015 Jone Rush MacCulloch all rights reserved

2020 Progressive Poem Update:

Sunday seems like a good day to peek in on how the 2020 Progressive Poem is unfolding.

TabatDani Burtsfield at Doing the Work That Matters has today’s lines.

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Irene Latham who began this poem project back in 2012, has handed it over to Margaret Simon to organize.  I am so grateful to both Irene and Margaret for this wonderful April collaboration to kick of National Poetry Month.

Each day in April a different poet will add a line to this poem begun here today.  No one knows where it will go or how it will get there, but it always gets there beautifully!

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  1. Gail Aldous says:

    Oh, I love vanilla and only bake with real organic vanilla, but I never knew it came from a orchid. Thank you for that and your beautiful details in your poem, which I love! I love your form starting the first two lines with, it feels, your question, your answer, and continuing with starting the lines with, it. Great use of senses!

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