National Poetry Month 29/30: Waffle Wednesday

This National Poetry Month(NPM), I am writing and sharing original poems about food, family and feasts. Sundays will be a day to reshare a poem from the past. A list of links to previous poems is HERE.

I recently purchased a mini-waffle maker. I have sourdough. It’s Wednesday. Waffle Wednesday.

 Waffle Wednesday

sourdough burbles
bouncy bubbles
“feed us,” they burp
some water, flour

on Wednesdays
we waffle play
sourdough starter
“feed us,” we say

build a tower
melty butter
sticky syrup
we waffle play

©jone rush macculloch (2020, draft)

Bonus! I believe this poem looks like little post-it notes. This was a prompt from Two Sylvias Press earlier in the month.

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