Poetry Friday: Celebrating Nikki Grimes

Thanks to Irene at Live Your Poem for hosting Poetry Friday. Irene suggested a themed Poetry Friday to celebrate Nikki Grimes. She is an extraordinary poet. I have several books by her on my book shelf. I have reviewed and discussed her books for the Poetry category of the CYBILS Award.

One of my favorite poems of Nikki Grimes is this one.


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3 Responses to Poetry Friday: Celebrating Nikki Grimes

  1. haitiruth says:

    Oh, those words that get us into trouble… Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com

  2. Yours is the last link in the roundup as I respond to it, Jone, and what a lovely ending poem. The many poems I’ve read the past few days, most by Nikki or inspired by Nikki, have put all sorts of words into my own head, too…new poems that need writing. New words that are ready to take me for a ride!

  3. Thanks for sharing Nikki’s ride through “Words with Wings!”

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