Poetry Friday: …During the Pandemic

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A friend of mine has recently started looking at the pandemic with a different lens. Instead of from the loss lens, she’s been adding “during the pandemic” at the end of her sentences as she focuses through a positive lens.

It started me thinking. Today, I share a page form my notebook. I started writing with a group of women twice a month during the pandemic. We Zoom meet on Saturdays for about an hour in the Mud Puddle Writing Hour. The organizer provides a prompt.

Last Saturday the prompt was Guilty Pleasures. We wrote for ten minutes. I am always surprised at where the prompts can take a writer.

Guilty Pleasures from the Window

Crocosmia opens
blooms wide-an invitation

Hummingbirds sip nectar
refuel mid-flight

Juncos flit between feeders
breakfasting on nuts and seeds

Grey squirrel flicks
his tail, the party crasher

My hands warmed by my tea cup
as dawn breaks

©jone rush macculloch (2020, draft)




A little history. It was created in 2009. It’s a day to tell stories using math.

The fourth Friday of September is #NationalBRAVEDay. September 25th is that Friday.
This began in 2017 to uplift and honor the women who make up feel brave.

So why am I focusing on September 25, 2020? Because I will be hosting Poetry Friday.

How about the theme of poems that tell a math story or honor a brave woman might be fun.

Maybe your poem will feature a poem steeped in a mathematical structure: Fibonacci, Zeno, Cinquain, Nonet, Sijo, or Arun. Or any poem with a mathematical structure.

Maybe your poem will combing both BRAVE and a Math Story.

Are you in?

And I am planning to have my new website up. Details will be coming.

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8 Responses to Poetry Friday: …During the Pandemic

  1. Ahh, Jone – delights all around. That squirrel sketch is a little masterpiece in and of itself; so lively and perfectly captured. Thanks for sharing not just the words and art, but your insights and perspective! The math/brave women connections make me think of Jeannine Atkins’s new book – :0) And, new website??? Will keep a weather eye out!! XO

  2. margaretsmn says:

    I love those early morning guilty pleasures of looking out the window. Thanks for the invitation for Sept. 25.

  3. Linda Mitchell says:

    Oh, I love this….mud puddle writing hour sounds wonderful. I wonder if I can convince my writing group to give it a try!

  4. janicescully says:

    I loved seeing your notebook and your sketches. Great images in your poem, too. I’ll think about what I can contribute to your host post on 9/25. I can think of some fun options. Thanks.

  5. cvarsalona says:

    Jone, your guilty pleasures are ones to make me notice and wonder more from my window, a practice that I was indulging in during earlier seasons. Now, the pandemic has turned around my practices.
    I love that you noticed:
    Grey squirrel flicks
    his tail, the party crasher
    Thanks for the new challenge. What is an arun? Let me see what I can do within this time period that I am trying to sell my house on Long Island, my antique furniture, and move to VA to be nearer to my granddaughters. I am hosting on Sept. 4th and have an invitation out to all to join me in honoring nature in summer with an image poem.

  6. Ramona says:

    I loved this peek outside your window and savoring guilty pleasures with you. Thanks for the September invite. I’ll be thinking about how I might celebrate with a numerical poem (and maybe celebrate brave women too!) I love aruns and I still need to write my first etheree. Lots of possibilities. Thanks for the advance notice, Jone. It’s great to have some percolating time.

  7. lindabaie says:

    I spend a lot of time watching those squirrels, Jone. I love your ideas for math/brave, have copied for a reminder. And I love your group ideas, just writing together. Nice to “see” out your window!

  8. Sue says:

    I love the positive twist as we all navigate life during this pandemic ❤️ Lovely poem😊

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