Fifteen Things About Me

1. I love dark, dark chocolate. Plain and simple although throw some sea salt and caramel into the mix and I am happy.
2. While I write left-handed, I use my right hand a lot. I guess I am ambidextrous.
3. I like to roll out of bed, dress, and go work out at 5:30 AM.
4. My brother called me “Goose” as a child and my parents called me “Radar Ears” because I eavesdropped a lot.
5. I love poetry.
6. For awhile, I wanted to be called “Mickey” when I was in second and third grade.
7.  I have written four plays for my school.
8. I have a good sense of direction, perhaps a magnetic third eye?
9. I have taught in the same building for over half my life.
10. I find crochet and beading meditative.
11. Taking photos of unusual scenes delights me.
12. I love tea.
13. I love New Jersey.
14. Please don’t serve me anything with lavender in it. Lavender is meant to smell.
15. Laughter is good for the soul.


3 Responses to About

  1. wayne says:

    father…grandfather..gardener..golfer…….retired (dont like that word)…..and started painting….and really living…keep up what your doing

  2. Hi,
    Yes, pursue your art. I’m an artist, but went to college for science degrees because of parental pushes. Now, I’m happy creating art. It’s my first time to your blog via Sun. Scribblings. I’ll look for your art. To express is freeing (in any form).

  3. you’re already an artist! don’t ever grow up!
    love your photos and thanks for the comments on my blog.

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