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One Single Impression: Overt

Thanks to Janepoet the prompt is “overt” at One Single Impression this week.  Last year, we lost our sweet kitty, Mocha. We decided to hold off on more cats as our neighbor has several.  Two in particular love to visit their … Continue reading

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One Single Impression: Roads

I have been traveling a bit this summer.  Love road trips.  Thanks to Gautami of Firmly Rooted for the prompt: roads.    traveled roads mockingbirds lift our spirits ahead breaks dawn More great poetry can be found at One Single … Continue reading

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One Single Impression: Ochre

Nothing Hypothetical offers “ochre” as a prompt at One Single Impression this week.  I have been thinking about the tragedy of the Gulf Coast. bedeviled ochre jewels afloat destroy life Head over to OSI to see other’s take on the prompt.

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One Single Impression: Dawn

cricket violins thrum a dawn song mockingbird responds For more about “dawn”, visit One Single Impression.

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2010 NaPoWriMo Days 26-27

So my blogging friend Mary Lee wrote a one word poem on Day 25.  Intriqued and tired from the month of asthma, allergies and work related things I have one to share as well today.  This is the prompt at … Continue reading

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National Poetry Month

So what am I doing to celebrate this most wonderful month? 1.  Plan to write a poem a day. 2. Thirty Days~Thirty Students~Thirty Poems at my Check It Out blog.  Will feature student work each day. 3. Poetry Postcard project. Receive a poem … Continue reading

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Memory Runners

memory runners dash past prayer flags in branches as wind scatters seeds APRIL IS POETRY MONTH!  THE POETRY POSTCARD PROJECT IS BACK Would you like an original poem delivered to your mailbox instead of a bill?  Email me your address … Continue reading

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Fraught, Insomnia, and Anger

Three websites.  Three prompts. Haiku Bones: fraught One Single Impression: insomnia Haiku Very Much: anger forsythia bush fraught with buds, shelters green frogs spring rain blankets ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ insomnia strikes midnight waves, moonlit ruffles wash away footprints ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ razor edged anger … Continue reading


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Haiku Prompts

There are several places I look each week for haiku and poetry  prompts.  One is One Single Impression. The other is a recently discovered one, Haiku Bones. This week’s prompts: One Single Impression: chaos Haiku Bones: incandescent Sometimes I can fuse … Continue reading

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One Single Impression: Reincarnation

Gautami Tripathy of Rooted provided the prompt, “reincarnation”  at One Single Impression. Yesterday as I made “using up the leftover’s soup”, I realized I was reincarnating the items in the refrigerator. wednesday’s roast simmers in pot, sunday soup no one goes hungry Head … Continue reading

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