Wordless Wednesday: Week 36

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Sunday Solace: Week 36

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Wordless Wednesday: Week 35

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Sunday Solace: Week 35

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Poetry Friday: …During the Pandemic

All the Poetry Friday goodness is happening at  Ramona’s  Pleasures from the Page

A friend of mine has recently started looking at the pandemic with a different lens. Instead of from the loss lens, she’s been adding “during the pandemic” at the end of her sentences as she focuses through a positive lens.

It started me thinking. Today, I share a page form my notebook. I started writing with a group of women twice a month during the pandemic. We Zoom meet on Saturdays for about an hour in the Mud Puddle Writing Hour. The organizer provides a prompt.

Last Saturday the prompt was Guilty Pleasures. We wrote for ten minutes. I am always surprised at where the prompts can take a writer.

Guilty Pleasures from the Window

Crocosmia opens
blooms wide-an invitation

Hummingbirds sip nectar
refuel mid-flight

Juncos flit between feeders
breakfasting on nuts and seeds

Grey squirrel flicks
his tail, the party crasher

My hands warmed by my tea cup
as dawn breaks

©jone rush macculloch (2020, draft)




A little history. It was created in 2009. It’s a day to tell stories using math.

The fourth Friday of September is #NationalBRAVEDay. September 25th is that Friday.
This began in 2017 to uplift and honor the women who make up feel brave.

So why am I focusing on September 25, 2020? Because I will be hosting Poetry Friday.

How about the theme of poems that tell a math story or honor a brave woman might be fun.

Maybe your poem will feature a poem steeped in a mathematical structure: Fibonacci, Zeno, Cinquain, Nonet, Sijo, or Arun. Or any poem with a mathematical structure.

Maybe your poem will combing both BRAVE and a Math Story.

Are you in?

And I am planning to have my new website up. Details will be coming.

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Wordless Wednesday: Week 34

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Sunday Solace: Week 34

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Poetry Friday: The Magic of Beatrix Potter Summer Swap

Thanks to Molly at Nix the Comfort Zone for hosting all the poetry goodness this week.

This summer an envelope arrived from Tricia of The Miss Rumphius Effect. She participated the annual Poetry Summer Swap. Inside was the following:

This is from the Etsy shop WingedWorld. The owner lives in Oregon. Small world.

Tricia’s poem is a cento. A cento is a poem, composed of quotations from other authors

Written by Tricia Stohr-Hunt
A list of book titles Tricia used.

Tricia knows my heart and love of books and years in the library. This was a terrific poem to receive.

Thank you for delighting my mailbox with this poetry swap treasure.

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Wordless Wednesday: Week 33

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Sunday Solace: Week 33

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