SOL18: Closure

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Thank you Two Writing Teachers for holding space to share our weekly slices.

Our school was out on June 15.  This makes me retired.  However, I’ve been taking the past few days to clean out and pack up.  It reminds me of moving out of a residence.  And it’s the longest residence I’ve had.

I’ve discovered the following things:

  • I’m sentimental.  I have been going through papers and adding to my school scrapbook.  They bring back such memories.
  • I like packing up on my own.  I went to school on Sunday to work without anyone else in the school.  There is something about saying goodbye to this work home.
  • I’m exhausted. I’ve been coming home and napping.  I’ve wanted to do nothing.  Tonight it was a challenge to get this written.
  •  And once, I’m done at school, I will need to reorganize at home.  It’s like dominoes.


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Poetry Friday: Adventure Awaits


Thanks to Karen at Karen Edmisten* for hosting Poetry Friday today.
Well, today’s the day. I made it through reading the names of fifth graders at fifth-grade promotion. I woke up on Thursday with this haiku in my head.

forever in my heart
silver star
new chapter begins

©jone rush macculloch

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Wordless Wednesday: Week 24

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SOL18: MsMac

JRM sol

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for holding space to share our weekly slices.

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.  My good friend from college pointed this out after attending my retirement celebration at school.  She noticed these signs.

“Oh,” she said, “Not only are you retiring but you’re leaving your MsMac persona. I remember how I felt when I retired and no one called me Ms S-S.”

WOW!  School IS about the only place that I use this moniker.

20180612_115539413394386.jpgMade by a former parent.

20180612_115624-11231853280.jpgOn my desk. Not sure where this came from.

I’m glad she named it for me.  I know somewhere in the back of my grey matter, this idea has been rolling around.  I’ve kind of been wondering about what being a sub might look like.  What kind of sub do I want to be? Will I be a kind of Fairy Book Mother sub?

I’ve been wondering about my school blog, “Check It Out”.  Will I archive it?  Will I rebrand the blog?  Is there a benefit to keeping to two blogs going?

Should I brand my photography as MsMac or Jone Rush MacCulloch?

How is it I’m talking about brands?



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Sunday Solace: Week 24

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SOL18: So Much to Process

JRM solThank you to Two Writing Teachers for creating space every Tuesday to share our writing.

Last night, we had our last Family Library Night.  It was a thank you celebration for the families I’ve created relationships with over the years and a way to say farewell. It was overwhelming.

Students who were in their 20s and 30s came to school along with current schools.  I wear a mantra band that says STORY.  And each one of the students, families, and colleagues have a story to share.

I am grateful.  Grateful to have had a work home for thirty-four years.  During the last few weeks, I’ve come to realize that teaching has truly been an advocation that I never questioned other than to move from the classroom to the library.

20180604_184658These two girls have incredible stories.  The one on my right’s father went to Silver Star. She has persevered through some challenging times during her life.  The one on my left is the half-sister of the second grader who tragically died in 2004.  Her brother’s accident planted the seed of the manuscript I am working on.  As a fifth grader she just read my manuscript and in her card to me, she called us family.

This morning, I talked with a longtime friend who attended the celebration.  Her observation gave me pause.  I had never considered that it is within the school community, I’m known as “MsMac.”  It’s my school persona.  Hmmm…

I’m sure over the next few months, these will be wonderings I will process. But during these days of H, G, F, E, D, C, B, A (backward alphabet countdown), I will enjoy being present for my work home and family.

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Sunday Solace: Week 23

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