Poetry Friday: Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge


Thanks to Violet at Violet Nesdoly | Poems for hosting Poetry Friday today.


the shadows
walking in silence
following frog’s evening song

©jone rush macculloch


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SOL17: Fighting Perfectionism


Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing a place to share our weekly SOLs.

My grandgirl and I participated in a paint night.  I visited this place in August with friends and had a blast.

When I found out they were offering a Nightmare Before Christmas moon, I knew that grandgirl and I needed to make a night of it.

Painting is both fun and challenging.  It forces me to confront my perfectionist nature. As in writing, I am my worst critic.

One thing I decided over the course of the evening was to leave off the face and add a bunch of branches.  And I figured out that making the wavy branches might be easier if I turned the painting upside down. to paint those lines.

If I could revise the painting, I’d make the branches longer reaching up to the sides of the moon.

But all this seems so trivial compared to the losses yesterday with Las Vegas and the passing of Tom Petty.   If more people took up art in the world, would violence diminish?


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Sunday Solace: Week 39


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Wordless Wednesday: Week 39


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SOL17: My OLW: Hope

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing a place to share our weekly SOLs.

I thought this might be a great week for a review of my OLW:  HOPE.  Looking through the search tool on my blog, I found seven posts on it.

If I am being honest,  this year has been challenging for HOPE.  I still keep searching for it.  Last Thursday was International Peace Day.  I reminded my staff of the day.  One colleague (also a friend) didn’t appreciate the reminder and left me with a rather negative spin on the day.  I found myself  responding in this manner: “We must continue to strive for whatever peace there is in the world.”

Hope is striving for peace.  I don’t have much control of the world at large.  I have control over what I say and my actions.  This year, more than ever, I have been intentional in finding ways to promote hope.

It’s been offering a New Year Postcard Exchange, writing postcards to students in the summer, weekly texts to those who live miles from me and are important in my life.  It’s been smiling at strangers and taking in the majesty of a bald eagle.  Or photographing one remaining flower as it hangs on to summer.

yellow sun
of summer petals
hope hangs on
© jone rush macculloch

One of my goals for this year has to been to write a daily haiku.  That hasn’t occurred but I have been writing more than in past years.

As I push into fall, I plan to continue with the hope that school will be a warm and welcoming place, that my family knows how much they are loved, and that each day will provide the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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Sunday Solace: Week 38

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Poetry Friday: A Poem for Peace


Head over to Amy at The Poem Farm for more poetry today.  Thanks, Amy.

September 21 was International Peace Day.  So in honor of yesterday and wow, do we ever need it, a poem for peace.



for peace
while walking
and collecting rocks
for skipping into the ocean
with cormorants watching nearby
their ebony wings flapping,
cheering us

©jone rush macculloch

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