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SOL16 Day 24 of 31: Remembering Dad

Everyone has a story and you can catch up on more slices for the  SOLSC at Two Writing Teachers. Dad would have been 93 today.  This is him as a young child, maybe 5.  He wore knickers. This a photo from the Boy’s … Continue reading

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SOLSC 15 Day 24: Thinking About Dad

More slices can be found at Two Writing Teachers. This is Dad, circa 1992. Dad loved his woodworking projects.  He made special cases; one for music boxes and one for decorative eggs for two of his grandgirls. The tee shirt … Continue reading

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SOLSC15 Day 15: My Brother

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the challenge to write a SOL every day in March.  Can’t believe we’re half way there. It’s the Ides of March.  It’s my younger and only sibling’s birthday. Jon, probably 5 0r 6. Being … Continue reading

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SOLSC 15 Day 12: Freaking Out

More slices can be found at Two Writing Teachers. I stayed home today. I had an acupuncture appointment mid-day. The morning gave me plenty of time to thing about the changes my husband and I have been discussing: downsizing, selling … Continue reading

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SOLSC 2014: Thanksgiving Food Memories

Each Tuesday, a slice of life is shared at Two Writing Teachers. Many Thanksgivings were spent traveling to our great aunt and uncle’s house in Adelanto, CA. I wrote a poem about our trips HERE. This year I’m traveling to … Continue reading

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SOLSC2014: Halloween Costumes

Each Tuesday a community of writers shares a slice of life at Two Writing Teachers. So grateful to participate in this community. Circa 1961 with brother and Grandmother. When I look at this photo, I wonder if I really trick … Continue reading

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SOLSC 2014: Summer of 1964, Worlds Apart

It’s Tuesday and time to share a slice over at Two Writing Teachers. This past week I finished reading REVOLUTION by Deborah Wiles.  I am challenging myself to read books that might be Newbery contenders this year through Goodreads. It’s … Continue reading

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SOLSC 2014: First Trip with Grandgirl

It’s Tuesday. Time to share slices at Two Writing Teachers. Last week my husband and I embarked on our annul Fourth of July trip to see long time family friends in Idaho. This year we took oldest grandgirl with us. … Continue reading

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NaPoWriMo Day 27: Time Zone (Redux)

Today I played with the tritina, using the words from a 2007 poem: Time Zones (redux) Three o’clock in the morning awakened by the pointy nose of our dog dreams interrupted while you sleep East coast bakers finished with their sleep, … Continue reading

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NaPoWriMo Day20: Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Grandma, why do you have a basket in hand? Grandma, where’s the Easter Bunny? Grandma, I am telling mom. Mom, is the Easter Bunny real? Tell me! Grandma, how did the Easter Bunny disappear into thin air? Mom, … Continue reading

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