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Poetry. Friday: Roiling, A Friday Fib

Thanks to Tara at Going to Walden for hosting all the Poetry Friday goodness. On Instagram this morning, Georgia Heard, said the word of the day was ROILING. I immediately thought of this moment last August in Yachats on the coast. … Continue reading

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2010 NaPoWri Mo Days 9 and 10

I had to take yesterday off. I was plum tired out from almost three weeks of asthma coughing.  So I slept.  Almost coughless.  I did this for most of today as well.  In the midst of this I was told by … Continue reading

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2010 NaPoWriMo Day 3

Wowzer, asthma is kicking me down!  It’s been two weeks and I should have picked up on it sooner that the allergist was the first stop.  I finally figured that out on Thursday.  So now I have an arsenal of … Continue reading

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Double Dare

Zachary Schomburg’s prompt, “create a hinge”  has been with me all week. What a challenge! Not sure that I completed the prompt but it “unhinged” me a bit. the house sat silent in our neighborhood wrought iron fence, weedy front, … Continue reading

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My Aunt Dot

This week’s Poetry Stretch is writing a pantoum. I love this form.   My 81-year-old aunt passed away on Monday.   Her husband was my father’s best man and best childhood friend.  They were aunt and uncle by the LOVE DNA.  Integral … Continue reading

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Playing with Wordle

Read Write Poem provided a “wordle” of words for the prompt this week. It’s probably the one of the most challenging prompts for me.  The prompt the previous week talked of a “spa” for you poems.  It was a  great idea: … Continue reading

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Read Write Poem: Narrative Wallpaper

Dave Jarecki’s prompt was to create a narrative wallpaper poem at Read Write Poem.  He encourages us  “to find the “narrative wallpaper” that resides in your home, apartment, memory, etc. Maybe you’re the child in the bedroom watching stories burn … Continue reading

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Old Chair

  Read Write Poem had a picture prompt about an old chair this past week.  (I decided to use my own photo of an old chair). The Poetry Stretch prompt was to write a tritina: 10-line poem made of three, … Continue reading

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 Read Write Poem invited us to write about food associations.  I thought and thought and thought this week, lots of things surfaced. Getting them into a poem? Not so much.  So I discovered that I had not shared this poem … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Pizza Joint

My husband and I had a pizza restaurant fifteen years ago. A wonderful place where scenes unfolded daily.  The prompt at Read Write Poem was perfect for me to give a second look at some work that has been percolating in a … Continue reading

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