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SOLSC15 Day 8: Pruning

Everyone has a story and you can catch up on mors slices for the  SOLSC at Two Writing Teachers. Last spring was not fun.  My left shoulder was a huge bother and it made it difficult to work in the yard. … Continue reading

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SOLSC 2015: Day 5 Lost Friend Update

More slices offered at Two Writing Teachers. Facebook can be such a treasure trove of people.  I contacted the person I thought to be my lost friend and sent a friend request. She responded and indeed is my friend from elementary … Continue reading

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SOLSC 2015 Day 4: This is What Winter Brings

More slices can be read at Two Writing Teachers. We have had the warmest winter on record or close to it.  As the midwest and east coast have been pounded by snowfall after snowfall, we have experienced temps in the sixties. … Continue reading

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SOLSC Day 3: Locating a Lost Friend

Do you love reading the slices?  Hop over to Two Writing Teachers to read more. Husband and I are in the midst of downsizing.  This is our second go round with downsizing.  We did it ten years ago when we … Continue reading

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SOLSC15 Day 2: Mom

 Head over  Two Writing Teachers to read more slices. Recently, I auditioned for a show, Listen to Your Mother, in Portland.  Tough competition. Of the thirty plus who tried out, only ten were selected.  That’s okay. (will write more about the … Continue reading

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SOLSC 2015, Day 1: So It Begins

Welcome to the 2015 SOLSC. Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for establishing a place to share. This year I am stepping it up for the SOLSC2015.  I volunteered to be part of the Welcome Wagon.  I know how much I love getting comments … Continue reading

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SOLSC2014: How Much Technology Do We Really Need?

More SOLSC at Two Writing Teachers! Saturday at was at the mall.  I had some time before my haircut so I popped into the store which carries my mobile phone service.  I was curious about the newest phone that Samsung … Continue reading

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SOLSC Day 31: Day 31, How Can That Be?

Thirty one days of writing, sharing, and reading slices at Two Writing Teachers. Wow! I made it.  I posted everyday.  I commented everyday. And I made a point to respond to comments which is new for me.  I didn’t keep … Continue reading

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SOLSC Day 10: The View From My Desk

Every day for thirty-one days I ‘ll share a slice and read others at Two Writing Writers When I sit at my desk in my writing desk, this is my view. The items in that area have all special meaning. … Continue reading

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