Poetry Friday: Thomas P. Lynch

Silver Falls Conference Center, Oregon

A week ago I was at the SCBWI-OR  Fall Writing Retreat.  My first time and it was a dream. I found this poem at Poetry Foundation.  The week I have had? I want to return to the clearing in the woods.

A Clearing in the Woods

by Thomas P. Lynch

You have come into a clearing in the woods   
and want to live your life out, here, alone,   
joyous and remote among the catbirds

letting the light fall on you and the shade   
in hourly changing angles as a grace   
endlessly descending among tree limbs

while growing in you is the will to grow   
mindless of the niggling everyday   
profusion of detail by which you know

the rest of the poem can be read HERE.

Poetry Friday is at Liz in Ink. Thanks, Liz.


Today is the last day to nominate your favorite book for the  CYBILS.

Happy Reading.


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4 Responses to Poetry Friday: Thomas P. Lynch

  1. laurasalas says:

    Bent on nothing that does not bend with ease
    you and your song rise in the leafy air

    Love that. Glad you had a wonderful retreat!

  2. “After a while, you will begin to sing. ”

    What a blessing! Thank you for this little retreat!

  3. Mary Lee says:

    Sounds like a good place to go to forget It All.

  4. Liz in Ink says:

    Oh, wonderful dreaminess!

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