SOL16 Day 6 of 31: Positive Not Negagtive

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Yesterday I had a conversation with someone about my week (which had its ups and downs).  I recalled how on Wednesday, I was in such a cranky mood (putting it mildly) that I couldn’t remember to breath or focus on the positive.

Through the discussion, I became aware how easy it is to get caught up in negative talk be it work or politics.  Lately, I get wound up over what I have little or no control over.  I want to steer conversations away from the gerbil wheel of negativity.

I am an introvert and I know that at the end of the school day, my energy is spent.  One thing I’ve been doing is to put my phone on “Airplane” mode so that the drive home is uninterrupted (I have a love/hate relationship with Bluetooth in the car).  As I make my way home, I listen to audio books.

I don’t want to disengage in Facebook but there are days that the politics is too much.

Spring is on its way along with longer days.  Outside is where I want to be without my phone.



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6 Responses to SOL16 Day 6 of 31: Positive Not Negagtive

  1. freegriffa says:

    Hello- staying off FB is probably a healthy option these days. This election is particularly ugly, especially at school in the staff room lately. I can hardly digest my food while I listen to colleagues go on and on about candidates I truly disagree with. I’ve been steering the conversation toward the show about the OJ trial 😉😉. Good luck on the week ahead, breathe.

  2. Dana Murphy says:

    I know the feeling. I disconnect every summer, and it’s lovely. Around this time of the year, I start to wonder why I reconnected in the fall.

    May I suggest audiobooks for the car ride? I love them and find them very relaxing.

  3. Here’s to a better week. I don’t know what it was about last week, but it was challenging all over. Thanks for the post. I love the gerbil wheel like and the idea of the airplane mode in the car. There is something fabulously fabulous about being inaccessible, even if for just 15 minutes…

    • macrush53 says:

      I believe the car is the last bastion of uninterrupted time and solitude during of busy week.

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