SOL16: Friend Time


It’s Tuesday and time for a Slice of Life hosted by  Two Writing Teachers.

IMG_5887 Friend Time at Seaside, OR

This weekend was the annual weekend for a gathering of these friends.  It was windy, can you tell?  We have been going to the coast together for close to thirty years.  Some years, we have a couple others join us.  Last year, I was unable to go because I was packing and getting ready to move.

It was a pretty chill weekend.   A much needed respite.  One of us is dealing with four family members in their nineties, one is a brand new grandma and just arrived from AZ, one is settling into her house and garden, and I am counting the days until summer vacation.  We sometimes venture to nearby Cannon Beach but we opted to hang out in Seaside.   We hung out, read and talked. Ate some chocolate and ice cream with fresh Oreogn strawberries.

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2 Responses to SOL16: Friend Time

  1. Linda Baie says:

    I saw this picture on FB, and love how happy you all are. What a sweet tradition, Jone.

  2. Ramona says:

    Beautiful smiles – friend time is the best!

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