SOL: One Thousand


Thankful that it’s Tuesday and time for a slice of life.  Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for holding a space to share.

Get out the party hats and  throw confetti. This is my 1000 post on this blog. Woohoo!

thousand posts
writing habits bloom

It’s been quite the week in the northwest, particularly in the Portland Metro area.  Last Tuesday, I drove home as snow fell. It’s been a week since we had school.  Today the warming rains arrived.

frozen white
the city stands still
silent protesting

quiet time
a distant train horn
first notice

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5 Responses to SOL: One Thousand

  1. Ramona says:

    A week without school means a shorter summer – hope your snow days are done! Congrats on this huge milestone. Love your woohoo haiku!

    • macrush53 says:

      We are taking two Fridays, that were no student days and they are now student day. We get out June 23 provided no more weather days!

  2. Janet F. says:

    1000 posts !! You are my hero. I really want to join this group. I want to actually commit, though, to what I will be able to handle. Love your 3 haiku. You rock, Jone. Are you ever going back to Highlights? I would love to try to plan to go and have others who are FB and some in person friends join in…thinking of David Harrison’s and also Rebecca Kai Dotlitch and Georgia Heard’s. Even for the art end of things, to experiment, though I am not an artist, Denise Flemings…..

  3. says:

    Congratulations, and keep up the great work! Claire 🙂

  4. carwilc says:

    Holy cow!!! A whole week with no school!!!! I don’t think we have ever gone more than two days in a row and we haven’t had any days yet this year. Hope you are getting lots of great reading and writing time in!

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