Poetry Friday: Summer



Thanks to Heidi at Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe for hosting Poetry Friday.

Mornings on the deck
breathing, sipping tea, lingering
Red-winged blackbird at the feeder
Scent of star jasmine
in the air

© 2017, jone rush macculloch

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11 Responses to Poetry Friday: Summer

  1. Ramona says:

    Just reading this poem made me breathe deeply. Summer, ahhh!!!

  2. Jone, forgive me! We left for our big summer adventure on Saturday at noon last week, and I’ve been focused on my own writing habit here in France where the internet is a little sketchy, so it’s taken me all this time to get back around to the last 3 or 4 entries from last poetry Friday. I’m glad I thought to do it this morning!

    Do I detect a FIB??? Why yes: 1,1,2,3,5,8,8,5,3,2,1. No wonder your lovely pause of a poem has such a nice shape. I can appreciate it even more now that I have breathed, sipped tea (and other libations), and lingered.

    I must also remind myself that if my dream came true and all of America moved to a European school schedule, we’d still have this delicious start-of-summer-break feeling without the same desperate exhaustion to overcome…Cheers!

  3. Although school ended last Monday, curriculum and room cleaning has kept me busy. Looking forward “breathing, sipping tea, lingering” next week. Enjoy your summer, Jone!

  4. Thank goodness for summer! I do feel a tinge of envy reading all the teachers’ posts about their summer vacations – I know they’ve more than earned their rest, but as we go into our busiest time of the year here at the library, I could use some more lazy days of summer, rather than just crazy ones! 🙂

  5. bjleepoet says:

    I have to say, I miss that feeling of “summer’s here”. Living in FL, it is nearly perpetual summmer with a short winter. I guess it’s a tradeoff, but I do miss the 4 distinct seasons. Lovely poem!

  6. Welcome to summer! Enjoy every relaxing moment.

  7. maryleehahn says:

    Happy summer! Relax and recharge!

  8. Violet N. says:

    Sounds heavenly. Enjoy those deck mornings with jasmine and the birds!

  9. Star jasmine reminds me of the star anise I make my mulled milk with. Lovely words in a flower shape.

  10. haitiruth says:

    Yes! I’m loving summer, too! (Forgive me if this is a repeat – I am having internet issues…) Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com

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