Poetry Friday: Fibonacci Friday


Thanks to Michelle at Today’s Little Ditty  for hosting Poetry Friday.

On Sunday the skies were gloriously blue.  I did a happy dance as we’ve been blanketed with smoke.  Blue skies all week UNTIL yesterday afternoon.  I left school and was greeted with that familiar camp-fire-but-not-a-camp-fire smell and brown skies. (Eagle Creek Fire had a flare and the winds delivered smoke)

This morning, this greeted me:


a sky period
punctuating early morning

© jone rush macculloch

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11 Responses to Poetry Friday: Fibonacci Friday

  1. Gorgeous image from the chaos, and strong poem Jone! Hope the air has cleared since last week.

  2. Ramona says:

    Love the “sky period.” Our smoky sky smell and haze returned yesterday. Such a disappointment after seeing blue skies again. Hoping for rain soon! Maybe today.

  3. Even in the midst of the smoke and fire, you find beauty to share. I hope the fires subside and the smoke clears for more blue skies and clean air.

  4. The “period” makes it a potential “dot” poem. It’s lovely, but I feel for your lungs, breathing all that smoke.

  5. Tara Smith says:

    That looks so eerily beautiful Jone, and a lovely poem to capture what you are seeing.

  6. lindabaie says:

    Oh what inspiration, though also terrible. The sun here looked unreal, but never that faded. I’m sorry to hear about the fire flare up, Jone, hoping for change this weekend for you and the northwest. (Did you know you could call this a “dot” poem, too?)

  7. Oh, isn’t that beautiful, Jone! The photo of course, but also your fib— “a sky period/
    punctuating early morning” Sigh…

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