SOL16 Day 26 of 31: Blank

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I was all set to write something today and now I am drawing a blank.

Today started out as a beautiful morning.  As I took Buster out for his morning walk, I saw the morning clouds of pink like puffs. The sun broke through and the clouds cleared for a time. Then by noon, the clouds rolled in and tonight the sprinkle of rain.

I am in the mood for quiche so tomorrow for Easter that’s what we’re having for dinner.  I thought it might just be with husband but today oldest daughter and grandgirl are joining us and that makes me happy.

One week until spring break.  Hooray.

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3 Responses to SOL16 Day 26 of 31: Blank

  1. emily1103 says:

    You and me both!!! I totally got out my computer and was like, “Ummmm…okay. Let’s see if we can whip something out of nothing!!”

  2. caroline524 says:

    It’s great that even though you felt like you drew a blank, you were able to use it as your post.

  3. newtreemom says:

    You still wrote and shared some glimpses of your day. Happy Easter!

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