SOLSC19 13/19: Statins and Genetics

It’s March and the Slice of Life Challenge. Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing space for writers.

I went to the doctor today about my recent blood draw and my frustration regarding my BMI (Body Mass Index). Maybe it was the recent news of the sudden death of a colleague a year older than me that had me a bit concerned and the fact that the tests weren’t already in my online chart which was odd.

And of course, the blood pressure wasn’t cooperating (not that it’s high but I usually run low). And then you are greeted with the scale to hop on and off and your weight has found another pound since you weighed when you woke.

I love my primary care person. I’ve been with her for about fifteen years. So she really knows me and gets me. And she knows I have struggled with my BMI and cholesterol for years.

It comes down to genetics. I belong to WW, I tried to exercise and make my step goal everyday. But as she said, sometimes our bodies have a weight set point and the body doesn’t want to budge.

“Do you trust me?” She asked regarding the statins. “You are at high risk.”

I do trust her as I do my naturopath (who’s also awesome) had told me that low dosage statins was an option. So later today, I’m picking up a prescription.

I left reflecting on this at 66. I am pretty proud that I was able to put off statins for a good ten to fifteen years.

I do:

  • Eat fairly well, not a lot of meat, upping my eating fish game, green leafy veggies, and not a lot of empty calories.
  • Have an awareness of my weight and go to WW every week.
  • Track my food.
  • Get exercise in.

And yet that pesky DNA. It makes a difference. My hubs on the other hand, eats whatever (and not all healthy), doesn’t workout and his risk is lower. Genetics.

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3 Responses to SOLSC19 13/19: Statins and Genetics

  1. Vickiela says:

    Genetics!!! You’ll get there and are already making great choices. Good luck

  2. karpenglish says:

    Aww, the curse of genetics! I was 19 when my mom was diagnosed with extremely high cholesterol. I was incredibly skinny, incredibly active, and ate an extremely healthy diet with almost no meat, yet my cholesterol was sky high. My younger sister, with a much less healthy lifestyle, inherited our dad’s low cholesterol. Genetics indeed!

  3. showgem says:

    Yeah, that can be very frustrating since you are doing lots of good things such as your food habits and ww. Best of luck.

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