SOLSC 15 Day 21: Balancing


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It’s Saturday.  Last night on the way home, I thought about how I need to balance everything.  My thinking began with reviewing in my head the two day computer/tech conference. It set my head spinning with ideas in a district that’s working hard to get us the bandwidth needed for all the technology.  In a school where there are ninety Chromebooks for student use with the SBAC testing  (Smarter Balance).

There’s so much going on right now.  Husband and I are downsizing.  I keep hoping the downsizing fairies will just work their magic when I am at work.  I keep telling myself to spent one hour every day.  Did I last night?  No, I choose relaxing.  Am I working on it today?  Maybe when I get my writing completed for the day.

In January, I went to a novel revision retreat.  My novel sits percolating. And while I want to get back to it, I know that I will lose myself in it.

National Poetry Month is in 10 days and I have all the projects I love plus a new one: daily word prompts.

So I keep reminding myself that balance is key.  Spring Break is in two weeks and that’s when the lion’s work will be done.

For today I will balance work with fun. (Seeing a friend from high school tonight).

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11 Responses to SOLSC 15 Day 21: Balancing

  1. Annie says:

    I always get around to the work when it starts to tell me it is really fun. It happens! Yes, it does! Eventually.

  2. I think that as educators, we have a hard time balancing everything in our lives. It’s tough. When you figure it out, will you share? Thank you!

  3. I hope you had a great visit with your friend! Balance is key, isn’t it?

  4. Linda Baie says:

    Have fun with your friend, Jone. That seems to balance out all the work you mentioned, and it’s FUN. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do in April.

  5. arjeha says:

    It is so important to strike the right balance. When the downsizing fairy finishes at your place please send her my way.

  6. Your line “My novel sits percolating…” is an important one to me! I believe that ideas do percolate, and that there are seasons where we focus on different things. Enjoy! You sound like a person who chooses what’s important, ie writing and National Poetry month!

  7. Balance IS so important. I am not good at it, I think because I get so absorbed in whatever I am presently doing. But we must keep trying. I like the way you described each of the many things going on in your life with short summaries. Perhaps that brevity will help with balance! And if the downsizing fairies get finished at your home, please send them my way! It is such a relief to prioritize what’s important, but again, so absorbing and time consuming. SO many rabbit trails…

  8. Balancing is so hard to do but an excellent thing to work on. I feel like work takes up a lot of my time and I fighting it with a passion. I LOVE my job so it makes it harder to fight. Have fun tonight!

  9. I can relate to the need to balance! My post today was about downsizing too, and if you discover that there are actually downsizing fairies, let me know! I vowed to work on our house an hour every day, too, but haven’t stuck to it. Why is it so hard to find an hour a day?!

  10. Tara Smith says:

    have fun tonight – and stick with the goal of balance. It will all get done, unless we come undone….

  11. Carol says:

    Sounds like you are choosing to do the important stuff. That other stuff always gets done eventually.

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