SOLSC 15: Day 28: Gardening


Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the month long challenge.

It’s Saturday morning.  Husband and I worked out, shopped, and got coffees by 10:30 in the morning.

The front yard roses are begging me for attention.


These roses were from my friend’s mother’s yard. The sun and clouds are playing hide and seek.  I don’t think it will rain before I get done.  my rule is to work for an hour or until the job is complete.  Long gone are the days when I would be a gardening fool by working six-seven hours.

I pull gloves on and squat down grabbing those pesky weeds.  Soon I realize I need a hoe and the dandelion weeder.  The yard debris can follows me along.  The crows are noisy this morning. Hoe, dig, and pull.

Last year, my shoulder was in pain.  This activity difficult but I pushed through.  Little did I know that it was a torn rotator cuff.  Wouldn’t discover that until July. and the PT people told me to give up working in the garden.

If I wasn’t teaching, I would garden and write.  As I pull weeds and my brain is thinking about this post.  There is comfort in pulling weeds, in being outdoors.  I am thinking that when the house sells and we have our new place, a condo, that I will be happy to have containers for  planting.

I clip the dead canes from the roses. I notice that we will have a first bloom by next week.
I see a blackberry vine that escaped a couple weeks ago. I have to cut it back.  Soon the roses look like the photo below.

I plan that next weekend when youngest daughter is here we’ll put newspaper and mulch around the roses.  Then we can get busy on the ivy.   I will not miss ivy or blackberry vines.


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6 Responses to SOLSC 15: Day 28: Gardening

  1. medunn80 says:

    That is going to be beautiful! Hope you post pics of your roses when they bloom! And hope your shoulder stays strong.

  2. There is therapy and a sense of achievement to found in the act of gardening. Your garden time has been well captured in your piece. Blooming marvellous!

  3. jehansen13 says:

    Your hard work will be worth it when all of the flowers start blooming!

  4. Donna Smith says:

    Rotator cuff is a hazard of teaching I’ve heard. I’ve had it twice. Took a year to get over the first time, and it’s been just over a year for his time. It sure does cut down on what you can accomplish! I can’t believe all the green you have. I may have to take a picture of my roses this year. They are just now emerging from the snow. Not a thing is green yet.

  5. tammyyoga says:

    Nice piece. I too am thinking the whole time I’m in my yard. Another form of multi-tasking I guess.

  6. Jaana says:

    You really were busy today! Spring fever is catching up! I bet your yard/garden looks beautiful during summer.

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