National Poetry Month: The “LL” Challenge: Bullfrog

2015 Double LL

10399915_1202863635103_4513998_n     Bullfrog at the Oregon Garden.

Today’s word: BULLFROG

Definition: an amphibian, that’s green and brown in color. Largest North American frog.

fear the lone bullfrog
the tongue like
a whip – snap!

ambush hunter
snags his lunch
bellows, “jug-a-rum”

Fear fits into Mary Lee’s month long challenge.

Tomorrow: Cholla

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6 Responses to National Poetry Month: The “LL” Challenge: Bullfrog

  1. cvarsalona says:

    Jone, the bullfrog is a hungry critter today at your site.

  2. Janet F. says:

    I love listening to the “jug-a -rum” sound at dusk! And you got in the other ll word in bellow!
    Will have to look in on Mary Lee to see the connection. Thanks again!

    A bullfrog’s docile countenance
    Camouflages its ravenous fury
    When their spaced out peepers
    Mark out buffets of varmints
    Scampering in the wild.

    (c) Charles Waters 2015 all rights reserved.

  4. Annie says:

    The prophet Jeremiah was an apt name for a bullfrog. They both had tongues like a whip.

  5. Kay Mcgriff says:

    I love the cross-pollination of yours and Mary Lee’s poetry challenges. It ramps up the creativity!

  6. maryleehahn says:

    My bullfrog is here:

    Funny thing, my poem about surprise for tomorrow is shaping up to be a dragonfly (larva) poem!

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